In a perfectly natural and guilt-free manner she immediately sat up and turned to see what it was that her mother wanted. To her great surprise and dismay she discovered her mother; who had a look of annoyance tinged with mild disgust in her features, shaking her head left and right in a short rapid style in two quick bursts as she simultaneously mouthed the words; ''Stop that. Stop that.''
''What? What?'' She said aloud, truly not knowing what it was her mother was referring to.
''Your legs. Your legs.'' Her mother mouthed; placing special emphasis on the word 'legs' as she pointed down. ''Sit still. Sit still.'' Her mother quickly added as she also twice spun her downward pointing index finger around. At the end of each semi-cicular spin of her finger her mother sharply jabbed her finger downward.
Nonplused she obediently turned around and leaned back against the truckbed wall. But once again the brutally bright headlights were burning her eyes. In a huff she rapidly propelled her head and shoulders down out of the light. But the manner in which she performed this manuvre; pushing down forcefully with her feet while simultaneously lifting her posterior and folding her legs as if squatting, placed her legs in full and close-up view. She began to look at them again, searching for the qualities from the movie posters that she had only just